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Inexperienced blackjack players tend to make the same mistakes, and those mistakes can cost them dearly. In this video, a gambling expert tells you what those missteps are and how you can avoid them. Knowing these pitfalls can mean the difference between going home a winner or being a big loser.

Hey guys. I wanted to go into some mistakes to avoid at the Blackjack table. There are a few. It’s not as daunting as you may think it is. It’s not really a whole lot of things that you need to avoid, but I just wanted to touch up on the basic ones. Here we’ve got a wide set of circumstances where a lot of people will do the wrong thing. In the case here, it’s a player here with a 15. One of the big mistakes that players will get a little too passive with their hands. 14s, 15s, 16s. Even when the dealer is, it doesn’t matter what the dealer’s showing, they’re just afraid that they’re going to bust, so they’re not even going to bother. And that’s not really a good way that you’d want to play, because, generally, with the dealer showing a card like, say, this 9, he’s going to make a hand more often than he’s not going to make a hand, so by just deciding, I’m not going to hit my 15, in the long run, you’re going to end up costing yourself a lot of money.

In the case here, he hit, but he ends up over 21. But at least he gave himself a shot against the 9, as opposed to just being a sitting duck with a 15. A lot of times another thing players will do, too, is they’ll be a little too aggressive with their hand. Where a player will have a soft 14, versus a 9, and he’ll do something like he’ll just want to double down on it. He just wants to get more money out. Which, that never works out very well, because any hand where you can’t make at least a 20, it’s generally not a hand you’re going to want to double down on. True, he can make a 6 or a 7 with the 3, but if he misses, which, most of the time, he will; like, now, he’s got a 12. He’s stuck with a 12, nothing you can do about it, and he’s got 400 out, versus a 9.

Another thing that people want to do, and this falls under the category of aggressive, is do moves like splitting 10s. Where, everybody at the table probably winces as you do it, you split these 10s, now you’re looking for two 10s or better. Now you’ve got a 15, and then you elect to hit the 15. He lucks out with a 20, but then this hand here, he’s got 18. He’s behind. So if the dealer ends up making a hand, then he will more than likely just push, as opposed to if he would have won straight out with a 20.

Another thing that falls under aggressive plays would be splitting too often. So a lot of times people will want to split a pair of 7s because they want to get more money out, just for whatever reason. So now, you’ve got one hand that was okay, the 14, but now instead, now you’ve got a hand where you turned your marginal hand, now you’ve got two of them that you’re stuck with. So, if he decides he wants to hit the 16, now he busts, now he’s got a 17 that he’s stuck with. What’s going to happen now, he’s hoping he had a 19, he did, and he’s got a 14, dealer draws to a 20. So now he just lost two bets by splitting his 7s. And he loses his bet, and then you’ve got the guy who decided to split his 10s, he loses one of them, he pushes one. He could have just stayed and whatever would have happened with the cards would have happened with the cards. But instead, now he loses money, and the guy who was aggressive with his soft 14, he ended up with this hard 12, he ends up losing as well. So, these are a lot of mistakes that a lot of players make that I like to try to help you guys avoid, because mistakes like that cost you money, and then it swings the odds even further in the house’s favor.

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  1. Just thought I’d pop in here after 2 years to say “thanks for watching” to whom it applies, and uh… you know… wave to the trolls too I guess. 🙂

    1. Munchy Monk wtf u doing. Put money aside each week from ur regular job to spend on gambling . Maybe 5-10 of paycheck. Go and if u double it or lose it walk out. U dont make enough dont go or try to triple it

    2. Shawn Tinling kids know these rules tho. I see divs hitting on 17s though sometimes and splitting 3s against a picture card. So I guess this video helped some people lol. In the end though we all lose

    1. +Jacky L. Oh, I understand, and I know you were (thank you!) Just saying I chalk the whole experience to nerves. 

      Without giving away too much detail on how the production process works, topic experts generally have to cover a LOT of topics over a very short period of time. These 40 videos I did were ALL shot in one day, and scripts are discouraged in favor of ‘casual conversation’, so not only did I have to think about what I wanted to say and say it, but they basically put a shot clock on me too. This resulted in LOTS of verbal tics, many topics I was unable to explain in more detail, and mistakes I knew I made right then and there that I couldn’t correct.

      It did get some exposure for 21 Nights Entertainment, though, which as the whole point of my saying yes to shooting the videos in the first place. 🙂

    2. +Shawn Tinling sorry , i tried to defend you. All i meant is some people are good at “doing it” better than “explaining it” 🙂

    3. +Christopher Reddy Well, technically, those aren’t my subscribers – they’re Howcast’s – but I appreciate you going to bat for me. 🙂

    1. I don’t think I have ever seen that either. I’ve played quite a bit of blackjack. I have definitely seen people dd on ace and 3 when a 4, 5 or 6 showing. I probably have done that. It probably isn’t a best move even with the dealer showing a bad card.

  2. tks for the good tips, I like to play blackjack, I don’t play big money but I don’t like to be a sucker, no matter how much money you r playing, having knowledge is always good for you and for the table

    1. I live in NJ where online casinos are legal and regulated. Therefore I am thinking about making an account just to play blackjack online. In your opinion do you think all online blackjack is rigged or just the offshore places?

    2. +Cody Melot well, maybe on poker it’s harder for them to cheat a person. But on games like blackjack , where the money comes outta their hand, vthey must have it rigged. I got a bonus off of them and they straight up cheated me, took all my winnings and were putting it into my bonus funds , rather than my wallet. I’d win $1000 in blackjack, and only like $5.00 would post to my wallet. They are snakes, just like any online casino owner would be. They love money and are greedy, perfect place for them to rip people off, online.

    3. no. That’s not true at all. I play on Bovada every day and make money consistently. It’s the most legitimate online casino. If there’s something I don’t know about them then please enlighten me. I love Bovada.

  3. in fact he is playing the split hands wrong in that when you split, the dealer will deal another card to each of the split cards and not pass out 2 cards to the first split card ooohh 

    1. +staypress That’s only Ace’s that you only get one card, and that depends on the casino. When you split 10’s or lower, you get as many cards as you want.

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