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Picking the right blackjack table is almost as important as knowing how to play the game. In this video, a gambling expert tells you what to look for before you take a seat. It just may mean the difference between going home a winner — or a big loser.

Now I'm going to go into how to choose a Blackjack table. A lot of times people will, you know, I play all the time, and people ask me, "Well, how do you choose?" Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, depends on my mood, but I'll go into all of that for you.

Basically, blackjack tables kind of fall into a couple of categories, and I don't use good or bad, hot and cold, because all that can change at the drop of a hat, but a lot of times a table is either fun, or not fun, or it's fast or slow. A lot of times if you're looking for a good time at the blackjack table, you want to just find people just having a good time. A lot of times the dealer, deal is at the beginning. If you walk up to table that's completely empty, you've got a lot of dealers out there, they kind of don't look like they're even into their job, and what's going to happen? Yeah, you know what, you could sit down and you could clean them out. You can win really big, but you're not going to have a good time doing it, because the dealer is just going to be all grumpy. And then it's just about the game. Another thing, too, is when you want a game that's fast. A lot of times you get people who really want action, or say if you're in Vegas, and you only have an hour before you have to get to the airport, so you're trying to get as much action in as possible, or something like that. And you're going to want to table where if you pick the fewer players at the table, the faster your game is going to be, because when you're dealing heads up, it's just you and dealer. And then you can get a whole lot more hands out.

So, another thing, too, to consider is that the dealers, a lot of times, they work for tips. That supplements a good part of their income. And what happens is that when you're placing a bet for the dealer, then they would put their tips in a little area right around the discard tray here. Good indicator, if you're looking for lucky table, bad table, a lot of times what you'll do, the dealer won't lock all of these up until he leaves the table, so just a quick look over here at the discards, and if you see a big pile of tips, the table's probably doing very well. If you see no tips, that could just mean that the table is stingy. So it's not really an indicator, not seeing tips isn't an indicator of a bad table, but seeing tips is an indicator of a good table. So, a lot of times, people are sitting here having fun, and having a couple drinks, and just laughing and having a really good time. If that's what you're after, then by all means have a seat, and then the cards will fall where the cards fall. That's how to choose a blackjack table.

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  1. Here’s how to give people tip on playing. DON’T mumble and plan what your goin to say!!! It’s annoying listening to this guy talking, ahh, um, and, and, ahhh and,um.

    1. +Tommy Aventadore you know….uh….ummm…black you know jack…..ummm…..uhh… know…..tables… know….cards….uhh….ummmm

  2. “You’re gonna see a dealing looking like he doesnt like his job. You could clean him out, but you wont have any fun doing it.”

    LOL I dont know about you, but if im winning big im going to be having a blast.

    1. +Lester Caldera Many casinos have a vertical chip holder next to the discard holder now.  You can see the tip stack before they drop.  The dealers will color up the tips before dropping to minimize chip drops to the tables.

    1. Max A It’s a common verbal place marker that is a subconscious way of telling the listener to keep listening. By filling empty spaces in keeps the listener interested while the speaker is usually thinking of their next point. Trump does the same thing by saying “Okay?” at the end of each statement, it makes it seem important and keeps you listening.

  3. Here’s more valuable advice about picking a table than what’s on this video;  1) pick a table where the players know what they’re doing. Observe for at least a couple minutes and see that players are playing correctly.  As we all know what the other players do can also affect whether you win or lose, for example they could take the dealers’ break card against a weak card, etc. (2) Overall, avoid being the only player at the table.  For many dealers this will bring out their ego and they adapt a “me against you” attitude which is not a good vibe for playing. Kind of like one-on-one basketball…. they put all their energy in beating JUST you.   (3) Besides following the two items above, look for a table where you can be the stand-out.  You want to be with players who know what they’re doing, but you want to be the most polished and seasoned player, this brings attraction and luck to you.  (4) Definately tip when things are going well for you.  This brings a good vibe.  (5) I usually find the best seats at the table are the number one, the number two and third base (the last seat).  From my experience those seats consistently draw better hands. Good luck!

    1. You’re funny. It makes no difference if a player is the only player at a table and the dealer has a me against you attitude. The cards are the cards. The dealer may as well be a robot. The dealer knows that if a player is losing there will likely be no tips for the dealer, so the dealer actually wants players to win.

    2. +37rainman Rainman. Hocus Pocus player. I like that. I’ve been playing blackjack for quite a few years. I bought a book and memorized the basic strategy chart. It was hard, but I have that chart tattooed on my brain. I have NEVER met anyone who knew the chart 100% like me. If someone at the table doubts a play I made, I tell them I have the chart memorized, and say, “When do you spilt a pair of threes?” Nobody has ever got it right. You are a very smart person Rainman, and I agree with everything you said. Thanks for the great comment! -Matt.

    3. +Paul Flores No, any typical hocus pocus player will do that.  I certainly don’t.  The only thing that matters is the count in that remaining deck.

      It is just as likely that someone playing “bad’ will help the other players, as it is that he will hurt them.

      Hell, how do you determine “Bad play”??  If I am counting, and the condition of the deck is conducive to splitting tens, I am splitting.   That would be “bad play” to you and the rest of the hocus crowd.  But in reality it is the mathematically best play at the moment.  If the count becomes positive enough to make taking insurance advantageous, I will insure anything — even a 16, because the insurance bet is now a good bet.  Bad play??  No, better play.  Does it, (or any) other persons play ever affect  you?  No.

      Does my play, because it comes from a rational, higher level then yours somehow help you?  No. It helps me. Our play, no matter how rational or irrational can only affect us, not the other player.

    4. You really don’t know what you are talking about.  Any seasoned BJ player will leave a table when players do not play according to the basic strategy

  4. What I do to choose a Blackjack table is I look for a FULL fun table where people seem to be having a good time and the dealer is laughing and joking with the customers. Ones that will even count out loud as he deals to help out the players who seem to have trouble counting their hands. Fun dealers and fun tables are the best. If the dealers are just standing there alone, I hesitate to ever sit at that table. I just go with my gut feeling and look for people who have a lot of chips and seem to be sticking around for a while. You hate to play at a table where people are constantly getting up and leaving.

  5. Would other players perhaps be mad at you for joining a table that’s been ‘good’ in the middle of a shoe? i’m thinking because you sitting down would change the cards that they otherwise would have gotten from that point forward. If they start losing after you join, they could reason that that was the cause.

  6. Wow I seriously need to make a video about how to choose a blackjack table.
    Ok first of all if its an 8 deck game its not worth playing anyways. Second if its 6 deck with mid shoe entry sit down if its a True Count of +2 or higher.

  7. never ever seen a stack a chips near the discard pile, most of the time the dealer puts them right in the tip box, i like to sit at a table with 3-4 people and i take the last seat available, that way i am able to see more cards and have a better feel for what i might be getting myself into.

    1. Never play a 6-5 blackjack table ever.  Why would you?  I mean seriously though, the fact that they are taking a $10 bet and paying you $12 instead of $15 is absurd.  Also, most strategy says table that hit soft 17 is bad for you are actually incorrect.  The reason being.  When a dealer gets to soft 17, it is always indicative of a bust card or a card you wouldn’t bust against.  So it’s not possible to make a soft 17 with an 7, 8, 9, or any 10 value showing.  So there are hands you hit against to improve to a hand.  However, an A, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 all have ways to either have soft 17 already or to hit to a soft 17.  The house average hand is 18.3 seeing as they always hit to 17 or a bust.  A players average hand is only 15.7, as you don’t hit against bust cards.  So, this means the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all cards you would not hit against with hands that can bust.  So, you will never HIT to a hand that beats soft 17.  Therefore the house staying on soft 17’s when in likelihood you do not have a hand is actually bad for you overall.  Something people don’t realize or consider.

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