Chica and the Night Guard – Poker Face [FNAF Animation MV]

Music By Lady Gaga – Poker Face
Hey :3 So I decided to try a little FNAF, as you can see…. This is the first time I used shading, lighting and of course, draw my own backgrounds. This video took me way longer than most of the TF2 videos but I enjoyed the process of learning new things. Please forgive the fact there aren’t really any jokes in this one, It was more an experimental video. But I hope you can get a giggle or two out of it 🙂
Here’s a Touching Story:
I’m gonna be really busy the next couple a months, but I do have plans for another TF2 video and have been really hyped to make it.
On the other hand, I just wanted to say, I love TF2, but that doesn’t mean I will only post TF2 videos.
( I mean I got other animations on my channel that are not TF2, just that no one watches them)
I have plans for Portal 2 and Counter Strike, and some old TF2 ideas I never got the chance to get to ( at least 3 years worth of them).

So don’t worry there will be TF2 for sure. But you see, new ideas come, so many ideas I can’t draw them as fast as I think of them. Usually I’ll be half way through one video then suddenly get a great idea!! And I’m like, " I must draw that right now!" It’s that hype feel that makes the video enjoyable to make, and enjoyable to watch. So like the medic video, that got pushed aside because I had some other ideas, But I already drew half of it, So I’ll defiantly get back to it! I even have like 2 other videos 90% done but never got the chance to finish, BECASUE NEW IDEAS KEEP POURING IN! And once I think an idea is better than the current one, I change course and work on it. I am just worried people are disappointed because this isn’t TF2, but I wanted to explain this so I hope you read this. 🙂 *big hugz to you if you did!*

Btw, It's getting harder to reply all the questions scattered upon so many videos, So I might make a Q&A video next time, If you have any questions, feel free to post them here

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    1. Helena Nilsson Maybe. Or was that my other twin brother. I am a merc but my twin clone brother was the one who took that job in FNAF.

  1. What’s up with SEXY chicas here? IT MAKES NU SENSE also if u think this is sexy then like this comment

    1. Do u know how long to make a good animation Kiddo go create ur own and make it a 1 hour video let see how hard it is to create an animation

  2. This wonderfully creepy, the sharp teeth should be emphasized more but that’s about it, the gaurd is right, like like a car crash

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