Funniest outburst in poker ever! 26 MILLION WON!

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  1. But you all know that he won 26 million of the tournament chips not real money in this hand, right?
     Reward for the first place of WSoP 2010 was about 10 mln $ I believe. That italian donk didn’t even make it to the final table as I remember.

    1. Motek I lol how can you call someone donk if he arrived 4th at the wsop’s main event? Maybe you play no-money poker games

  2. Joseph Cheong managed to come back from this huge blow (he lost almost 170 BBs at this point in the main event (!) in a hand where he was almost a lock to have 250 BBs – he was like a 7-1 favorite on the flop, which is massive btw) by playing tough and aggressive poker and never backing down, and he finished 3rd in this tournament for roughly $4 million and went out in equally spectular fashion when he 6-bet All-In blind-vs-blind for 90 million chips (roughly 75 BBs) with a weak Ax into the winner-to-be’s pocket Queens. Joseph Cheong then backed up that performance by remarkably finishing in the top 120th the following two years at the WSOP Main Event (2011 and 2012, finishing 114th and 116th respectively) and topped it all off by getting 4th at the WSOPE 2012 Main Event. The kid knows how to play deepstacked NLHE tournament poker.

    1. +TheLauncherofMissile big blinds are how you can measure your safety net in tournaments when you reach 20 bigblinds your entering the danger zone.. what he said was really of value and I care..

    1. When I’m right, I’m right
      And when I’m wrong I could’ve been right.
      So im still right cause I coulda been wrong y’know?

  3. He didn’t win 26mil cash he won 26mil as part of the chips for the tourney then he finished like 12th place and won a prize of 2 mil or something…

  4. this game knocks you sick at times when dreadful plays get rewarded
    Key to always remember that players like that lose in the long run

  5. This is as exciting as watching adults watching bottles spin and point at stuff. Random chance, people betting their lives on it. Nothing stupid going on here. Yippie.

    1. +Nick Steele u clearly dont play poker calling the game chance when thousands and thousands of people all across the word make their living playing poker its not a coincidence u see the same pros winning all the time because there lucky all the time thats improvable its because there skilled and its a skilled based game

    2. The But In is $10,000. These are just Tournament Chips. And Everyone that is in that tournament at that point is making money not losing. He is just happy because he didn’t bust out of the tournament and has a chance of making millions instead of just a couple hundred thousand. And if it’s luck then why would the same damn people make it far in the World Series of poker each year?

  6. The face of a decent loser, Cheong, although he looks like he is triad and I wouldn’t f*ck with him, seems to keep his composure like a man.

    1. Yeah, that’s a hell of a tough beat, and he played the pocket aces right. It’s always a bummer to lose on the river to a draw hand, especially with the best start hand.

    1. Because this is the main event of the World Series of Poker where the winner gets something like 6-10 Millions Dollars. Big Money competition=TV and crowd!

    2. Cesar Almeida the runner- up get close to $6 million bucks and the winner get between $8-10 million bucks the last one the winner got like $8.6 million and the runner up got $5.4 million hell if you get into the top 8 you get over a million bucks

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