Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial

Being a HUGE fan of Lady GaGa, I've gotten hundreds of request to replicate her eye makeup in Poker Face…but I thought…why not just go all out and just replicate the entire look, hair, accessories and makeup!

Watch my Lady Gaga Bad Romance tutorial:

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I'm not trying to be her, nor think I look like her. I'm just having fun cosplaying as Lady GaGa.

You don't need the blonde wig or anything, they're just for fun. The gloves are sick though! Love them. This look is great for prom, clubbing and other glamorous occasions.

Half Finger Gloves

Blonde Wig

More photos here

Original Songs by Lady GaGa

Just Dance

Poker Face

Makeup I used

Bee Luscious Concealer in Light Peach
Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in #2
Afterglow Minerals in Ivory
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Revlon Illuminance in Twilight
NYX in Ultra Chic
Lise Watier in Les Carbons, Discontinued, another option:
Maybelline Ultra Liner
Ardell Lashes
Mac 217 Brush
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara
Clinique Bronzer- Sunkissed
Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss


Just Dance

Poker Face

66 Replies to “Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial”

  1. omg she changed*o* she used to have a little round chin and now its pointy and she has a long face:( I liked her better before now i think her voice is artificial and unatural in her new videos its annoying I feel like she is reading a script-.- (forgive the bad english Im french!)

    1. +Sweet Heart im Asian too and you could be Asian too, and also no body ever told you to hate, like or even comment so please don’t call anyone a meanie coz you are the one who started and Michelle could have seen you being a mienie which cuold of make dissapointed! BTW your happy face is the opposite coz you are being rude to Asian people

  2. OMG i can’t believe this is the first ever video i saw on youtube in 2009… and since then youtube really changed my life 🙂

  3. She never needed all the fancy editing or hd camera, 
    these were her best videos and always will be.
    Now i feel like im watching a commercial

    1. These videos definitely got 30 mill  to 50 mill views for a reason. The looks were more fun and she was more personal. Now she’s more professional. Which isn’t bad, im still subscribed after all these years but yeah this was my favorite time for her

    1. Sure she’s changed but hasn’t every youtuber? Like even makeup has evolved since this video so she’s not gonna keep doing the same makeup or keep having the same aesthetic to her vids either. And she’s not uploading as much because she’s focused on her makeup line. She still has the same personality. Hopefully she will upload more tutorials though

  4. this was my favorite video when I was seven and obsessed with her and lady gaga and I have been trying to find it again for the past three years I am going crazy at 1:15am because I finally found it again. thank you.

    1. Lol. me too. Not going crazy, nor is it 1:15am where i m . but i m like-omg. i have seen this video a few years ago!!

    1. Know that feeling. btw this was the very first makeup tutorial I’ve ever watched, massive throwback (I turned 23 yesterday)

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