Poker Face – Lady Gaga – LYRICS!!

Poker Face
Lady Gaga

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  1. Cartman: “I wanna roll with him a hot pair we will be…”I don’t give a crap about whales so go and hug a tree” lmao!

  2. “Russian roulette is not the same without a gun, and baby when its love if its not rough it isnt fun!”
    idk why but I love that sentence.

    1. Mr Macabre love cartman MEEOM MEEOOOM REMEMBER just that 1 hit from Kyle Broflovski 😂😂😂😂😂. He deserved that a lot.

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  3. everytime I hear poker face I think of this time two boys who would not stop poking me and once poked me in the face saying “poke her face” welp lets say they stopped after that……heh…..

    1. Kelly Slattery I can kinda relate because a boy named Ben was poking me in the stomach and cheek I grabbed his finger and said”If you ever poke me again I will break your finger so I advise you not to”so I jerked his finger away and walked away.note:he never did it again and was calling me “fat” in the process .

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