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    1. +getoffmypage So are you a successful poker player, or not? What’s your AVG daily profit, and how much have you made overall? Also, what’s the highest you’ve won in one hand? I am intrigued.

    2. +путка мара I can tell from your question that you know absolutely nothing about poker. Because poker has way too much variance to talk about “average daily profit” and the biggest hand I ever won says absolutely nothing about my poker skills. What you should be asking for instead, is hourly rate at different stake levels on internet.

      Remi Gaillard is not a poker player, he’s a professional comedian. Asking for lifetime winnings is also very dumb because the world has losing cash game players that won 1 big MTT, turning them profitable. Like Jamie Gold for example who is an absolute dumbass and still won 8 million dollars getting lucky in 1 tournament. That does absolutely not make him better than cash game players who destroy Jamie Gold all day, and only have half a million dollars of profit.

      My win rate is 6bb/100 at NL200 for a sample size of roughly 3 million hands on internet.

    3. +getoffmypage I’ve played a lot of hold’em but never for real money. I do not know what a win rate of 6bb/100 is nor do I really care about your poker skills. I simply asked for an estimate  – how much did you profit off poker yesterday, for example? And I’d still like to know your best hand.

    4. +путка мара
      bb/100 is how many big blinds you win per 100 hands. if it’s true that he has 6bb/100 on over 3mil hands on nl200, then he is up over 350 000$ if I’m not mistaken.

    1. Plenty of times i won with small numbers. It’s not always works with a AA or KK in your hand when there’s three of a kind in the vicinity.

    2. looping thoughts Yes, but still, Remi was very lucky with that hand. Because the other guy had a good hand at the flop (one pair and chance of a flush). That probably lead him to raise/call each turn (just to see how it turns out), while Remi only won thanks to the turn and the river. Plus, he probably thought Remi was only bluffing. And also, statistically speaking, the other lad had more chance to get a three of a kind than Remi, at the flop. Sorry for my english.

    1. Um, what are you all talking about?

      Remi won.

      His opponent had a pair king.
      Remi had three of a kind, so his hand beat the other guys’.
      He won 7K from that.

  1. omg so lucky have 2 and j calls all in where the other guy have ace and king … and then fold with 2 kings this was really trolling haha .. i hate this kind of players because you cant know he is stupid or smart !

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